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Precise Tree Trimming Services

Relax under the shade of a beautiful, manicured tree with J & M Lawn Service and More LLC of Tampa, Florida. Our professionals perform every facet of your tree trimming to give you more time to enjoy your yard.

Trimming - Tree Trimming

Customized Support

Our technicians are fully licensed and insured for bush, hedge, and tree trimming in Tampa. When trees grow too large, they can scrape against the roof, scratching the shingles and creating holes. We make your property both beautiful and safe to give you peace of mind.

Our crew is even able to trim your bushes and hedges into any shape you desire to create a unique look. We neatly stack any debris from the trees and bushes into nice piles that Hillsborough County Waste Removal will accept and clear away. Prices vary depending on the plant.

Contact us to ensure the trees on your property are in perfect condition with our trimming services.